Can This Boat Engined Roadster Take on a Bugatti Chiron?


Feast your eyes on the incredible Packard Royal Streamliner. This is one of the most unique custom roadsters ever built. Why you ask? Well, it's powered by a V-12 Packard Royal Streamliner engine that came right out of a WWII era Patrol Torpedo Boat. It's running off of a 1940's boat engine technology that can produce a whopping 1,600 HP along with 3,000 feet-pounds of torque! Another way of looking at that is realizing that the Bugatti Chiron is sitting on nearly equivalent numbers!

The Packard Royal is also similar to the new Bugatti when it comes to price. The custom roadster costs a breezy $1,750,000. However, any potential owner to this amazing vehicle gets what they pay for. The roadster comes with two transmissions and two drive-lines. The car is also massive. It measures in at a whopping 32 feet long, much like a boat, and weighs an incredible 13,200 pounds! While the weight and size alone might not let it come close to the speed of a Bugatti, it'd definitely be a car worth owning in a world where money was no object.