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Bubba Wallace Talks Road Rage and the Time He Failed His Driver's Test

Have you ever thought about how NASCAR drivers act when they're out on the roads with the rest of us? Do they speed or drive more recklessly than others?

Back in June, The Bobby Bones Show welcomed NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, and Wallace discussed a few topics more relatable to us everyday drivers, such as his road rage tendencies and his less-than ideal introduction to driving during his younger years.

As it turns out, Bubba actually failed the computer portion of his driver's test on the first attempt. He stated that the uncommon road signs got the best of him. On top of that, he also ran his vehicle off the road on a few occasions during his first drive. Because of that, he wasn't particularly chomping at the bit to get his license, which is surprising considering his profession.

When the topic of road rage got brought up, Wallace opened up about what really grinds his gears about other drivers. He talked about those drivers that pull out in front of you, then fail to get up to speed quickly enough. We all know what he's talking about, and it can undoubtedly be frustrating. Wallace claimed it's one of the few instances that'll make him tailgate someone, and I believe many other drivers can relate. He noted that if he could legally give them a little nudge on the rear bumper to wake them up, he would.

The questions asked in the interview certainly weren't all racing related, but Bubba and Bobby's back-and-forth was definitely enlightening. Clearly, there's always something new you can learn about someone. I'll give some credit to Bobby Bones for bringing up the questions we never knew we needed the answers to.

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