Check out these hilarious NASCAR superlatives for the championship four


Not content with the typical driver awards, Jimmy Fallon gave out some very special Tonight Show superlatives to the championship four drivers.

Brad Keselowski was voted most likely to have just googled 'how does a person stand?'

Martin Truex Jr. was voted most likely to be a mannequin in the NASCAR gift shop.


Kyle Busch was voted adult Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.

Kevin Harvick was voted most likely to be named 'sexiest man alive' by Supercuts magazine.

All we can say is, Fallon absolutely nailed it. Kyle Busch is indeed adult Stewie Griffin.

That's not all though, the drivers weren't going to just let Fallon have all the fun, and gave him his own superlatives. Our favorite was "Most likely to be sitting on a vibrating cell phone."