Brad Keselowski and Toyota exec get into it over Kyle Busch's press conference tantrum

Second place is not good enough for Kyle Busch. After falling short in the Coca-Cola 600 after Austin Dillon's fuel gamble paid off for the win. Psychologists have documented this phenomenon before and attribute it to counterfactual thinking. In other words, people will compare their accomplishments to what could have been. The pain of being right there but leaving without a win is often much worse than barely having a shot and just being happy to be on the podium. Busch was absolutely feeling that during this press conference.

Reactions unexpectedly came pouring in. They ranged from applauding Busch's refusal to accept anything but a win, to ones from people who thought placing second is no excuse to act that way like Brad Keselowski, who had this to say:

Andy Graves, The technical director at Toyota Racing Development, made it clear that did not appreciate Keselowki's comments:

Keselowski took the high road in response, but it is clear that Busch's press conference is rubbing other drivers the wrong way. Maybe they listened to Darrell Waltrip's whole, "NASCAR needs villians" thing.

H/T Foxsports

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