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NASCAR today on Social: NASCAR bobblehead(!), Dale Jr. going on vacation, a NASCAR Jedi (what?), and more


Alt-Driver scours the social media accounts of NASCAR and its drivers so you don't have to. Here are some of the best things we've seen so far today, including a NASCAR bobblehead and a Ryan Blaney as a Star Wars Jedi knight. Really.

A NASCAR bobblehead

They should be giving these out at the track.

Dale Jr. is going on vacati0n

Oh no! But he seems happy about it

The Petty family has a strong history with GM

This is a really cool, short video that shows the relationship between the Petty family and GM, and how that now extends to Bubba Wallace



A NASCAR birthday!

Let's wish AJ Allmendinger a happy one.

An ambulance wrecks havoc on pit row

Remember this? It's part of Landon and Matt's Christmas presents


This seems like an easy answer

A fan asked NASCAR analyst Steve Letrate is he ever gets tired of racing.


The newest Star Wars movie is out, and no, it doesn't star Ryan Blaney