during practice for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Overton's 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on July 14, 2017 in Loudon, New Hampshire.

Aric Almirola said this driver is the best he has worked with during his career

Aric Almirola sat down for a Q&A session with NASCAR writer Jeff Gluck, and he was asked a variety of questions involving racing tactics and life off the track.

One of the most interesting questions from Gluck was about how some drivers keep a "payback list" in the back of their minds for drivers who have wronged them at some point during the race. Gluck asked if Almirola also had a list of drivers who had done him favors during a race, and he credited NASCAR legend Tony Stewart as a driver who was easy to work with during a race.

"I think the one guy that comes to mind for me is Tony Stewart," Almirola said. "When he raced, and I thought we raced really well together, and he raced everybody like that. Like he would race you hard when he knew he wanted that spot or had a car good enough to have that spot, but then on other days when he was struggling with his car or whatever, he would not hold you up, he wouldn't fight you.

"And then the next pit stop, if he made an adjustment and his car was better and he came from a straightaway behind and caught you, you would pay him that same favor back; you would let him go and wouldn't hold him up. He learned from the Mark Martins and the Dale Earnhardts and those guys how to race that way, and that's the one guy where I always felt like if he cut me a break, I was sure to return the favor if it came back my way."

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It was a very intriguing answer from Almirola, and one that might surprise some NASCAR fans about Stewart.

The Q&A provided several insightful answers from Almirola, who missed a portion of this season due to injury.

Almirola discusses the time he had dinner with Garth Brooks, whether he flips other drivers off during races, and whether he likes for fans to approach him when they see him out in public.

Almirola gave honest and intriguing answers throughout the session, and it's certainly worth checking out for NASCAR fans.

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