Here's how a trucker hat can save lives


To combat the epic enemy of long-distance driving, fatigue, the Brazilian government and Ford have teamed up to launch a wearable piece of tech that could potentially save lives.

Following a 2016 Brazilian National Transport Confederation study, which found that 60 percent of the country's truckers found the job dangerous, Ford Brazil began testing a baseball-style cap that measures its wearer's vitals and alerts him/her when it detects that fatigue has affected his/her ability to drive.

CarThrottle reported that the cap is programmed to recognize "the differences in the movements of well-rested truckers and tired ones, as well as the difference between drowsy movements and those associated with normal operation of the truck." Combined with a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, the cap could drastically cut the amount of fatigue-induced crashes, saving lives.

And if any truckers are balking at wearing the high-tech hat, a reminder that wearing a hat is preferable to losing your job to a robot might change their minds.


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