Ford factories are leading us towards the robot revolution


The future is here, and it has America's favorite blue badge on it. TheDrive just revealed that Ford is going to be making the lives of its workforce just a little easier by giving them their own exoskeletons.

The new suit is called the EksoVest. The upper-body assistance tools was developed in partnership with Ekso Bionics and is designed to help workers with the strain induced by working with objects above their heads.

The suit has already received positive feedback by early adopters on the assembly line. Paul Collins, an employee at Ford's Michigan Assembly Plant, said:


"My job entails working over my head, so when I get home my back, neck and shoulders usually hurt. Since I started using the vest, I'm not as sore, and I have more energy to play with my grandsons when I get home."

Ford is currently testing the exoskeletons at two of their plants, with plans to expand to some of their South American and European facilities.