[VIDEO] Jaguar Will Never Stop Racing Two Of Its Rarest Prototypes YouTube

The design for Jaguar XJ13 concept was scribbled on the back of a cigarette pack over drinks at a pub as an answer to how Jaguar could make a splash at Le Mans. The mechanically fuel-injected quad cam V12 was a monstrous engine, but unfortunately that power proved to be far too much for Le Mans officials and one driver to handle. After the car suffered a crash and was politicked out of competition, the XJ13 was mothballed in its wrecked state until the two original engineers rebuilt the body panels from scratch to allow Jaguar to put the car in its collection. The D-Type was a 1950’s racer which Jag enjoyed great success with, and now one of the original cars fetches in upwards of $5 million at auction.

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