Porsche has built a hybrid that can still reach impressive speeds

The new 2018 Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is essentially a Sharper Image store on wheels with a Porsche badge stapled to the front.

The Panamera sports an impressive top speed of 192 miles-per-hour, but it sacrifices simplicity to do that, and it sacrifices it in the most gruesome Apocalyptico move ever. To be honest, racing this car on a straightaway with launch control should come with an honorary Phd as stakes.

Launch control uses all of the power from the 550 horsepower V-8 and the 126 horsepower electric motor to push the car off the line. The advantage is immense satisfaction but at the cost of the entirety of your attention span. And even with the incredibly complex launch control, you're still only hitting 60 after 3.2 seconds, so if you're going to race a Tesla, find the longest strip around.

The car as a whole handles very well, often betraying the fact that it weighs nearly two tons. It's good to see that Porsche is continuing to produce very serious hybrids.