New video claims to reveal the 10-best homologated cars of all time


Earlier this year, NASACR announced that Chevrolet race teams would be switching from the current SS model to Camaro stock cars starting in 2018.

While most racing fans are familiar with the Chevy SS stock cars driven by the likes of Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, and Chase Elliott, the street car upon which those racing models are based upon is actually an uncommon sight to see on the road. That's because the Chevy SS sedan is essentially a homologation special for NASCAR, as GM's only sold 3,131 of these sedans this year in the United States, according to GM Authority.

If you unfamiliar with the term homologation--in regards to racing--it's a requirement that race cars have to be based on a current production model to a certain extent. This could mean that a race car used in professional competition needs to utilize the same engine block and cylinder heads as the production car, but allows for changes to parts like the manifolds, valves, and crankshafts. The purpose of homologation is to discourage manufactures from building purpose-built engines and other hardware, which is only used for competition purposes, according to

The folks at Donut Media have taken the time to compile a list of their ten favorite homologated cars ever produced. The vehicles featured in the video (embedded below) include the Dodge Daytona, Ford GT40 MK1, and Ferrari 288 GTO, but you'll have to watch the video yourself to find out where these vehicles ranked and which other cars made the top-10 list.