Watch a completely stock Jeep hit an incredible top speed Hennessey Performance /YouTube:

Jeep has been talking up the top speed of their sport SUV, the Trackhawk, saying it can hit up 180 mph, which is pretty remarkable for any vehicle, let alone an SUV the size of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

To put Jeep’s claim to the test, John Hennessey of Hennessey Performance took to the driver’s seat of the Trackhawk, driving it as fast as he could down a straight track.

The results are incredible, with Hennessey ultimately falling short of 180 mph but only by 5 mph. That’s right, a full-sized SUV was able to hit 175 mph on the track. Which, to quote John Hennessey, makes it “the real deal.”

Jeep gave the Trackhawk 707-hp to work with, but, in case that’s too tame for some consumers, Hennessey has confirmed that his team will soon be working on a 1,012 hp version of the brute.

H/T: Brad Anderson

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