It's the best Subaru we've never seen

Subaru's marketing team is doing the most again. But now, instead of tugging at everyone's heart strings with dogs and environmental-awareness tactics, they're taking the less-is-more route, teasing a photo of a tiny detail alongside a date, June 8th. It's so close!

We've already been promised a new update to the BRZ on the 8th, and a teaser image was just released showing a beautiful carbon fiber roof. On its own, the message could just come across as, "look it's a WRX with some upgrades. Look at this Suba-bro's new WRX!"

It's so much more. On June, 8, in just a few days, Subaru will unveil the new WRX STI Type RA. Most of the details are still under wraps, but it will have a carbon fiber roof, rear wing, Recaro seats, Bilstein dampers, and the signature gold BBS wheels. It's going to be beautiful.

Subaru also promised some upgrades to the engine, presumably to boost performance. However, it'd be hilarious if they dropped this gorgeous car on the lot with the motor of a Reliant Robin under the hood. Big middle finger to everyone, Subaru laughs, we laugh . . . then cry a bit.

To help hold you over for the next week, take a look at this new promotional footage for the Type RA on the Nürburgring.

H/T: Chris Perkins

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