The already fast Audi R8 is about to get faster

Because you can never have too much power, and because Jeremy Clarkson still needs something to drool over in between seasons of The Grand Tour, Hennessey has announced that it is in the process of building a twin-turbo version of the already fast Audi R8.

Performance specs for the new Audi haven't been released yet, and the Texas-based tuner has yet to set a price point, but it will undoubtedly be extremely high and extremely quick. The current R8 V10 Plus Coupe is going for $194,000. But if you have the cash hanging around, it will almost certainly be worth it.

Hennessey is excited for their part in the venture at lease, saying:

"We are excited to build out a twin-turbo engine upgrade for the Audi R8. This is a beautiful car, and a great platform to make much faster. This build is in progress, but before we started, we grabbed some photos to show this beauty off."

And, yes, here are those pictures.