Ford has accidentally confirmed some juicy Mustang GT500 rumors

Rumors began circulating weeks ago about a Mustang with suspiciously huge brake rotors and a snake stamped on top of a supercharger. We tried our best not to get too excited over what could be a tease, but there's no need for reservation anymore!

According to TheTruthAboutCars, Ford's own service portal spilled the beans and seems to confirm the rumors. The Shelby GT500 is coming, people! TTAC speculates that the engine could be making upwards of 750 horsepower thanks to that massive supercharger, and the giant brakes hint at a massive top speed, possibly 200 mph if the speedometer verification procedure is an indication of reality.

A dedicated launch control and drag mode mean the GT500 should be able to go toe to toe with the Hellcat's of the world, and Ceramic pads, noted as "GT500 only," look to be standard to help shed those massive speeds without use of a parachute.

All the leaked images seem to confirm our wildest dreams, and we can't wait to see the finished product whenever Ford decides we're ready.

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