Chevy confirms a rumor about the next Corvette is real


Last week, CAD drawings showing details of the upcoming mid-endgined Chevrolet Corvette emerged that looked way too detailed to be a fake, but we still weren't 100% sure if they were the real deal. Now we know.

After running a story including the imaged, Jalopnik was contacted by lawyers working for GM. The lawyers requested the story be taken down for infringing on copyright protections. For this to be the case, the images must have been property of GM, thus confirming their authenticity.

The first mid-engine Corvette would change the game for Corvette and elevate its status even higher than it is today with the incredible 210 mph ZR1.

The CAD drawings showed up on Corvette Forum depicting what looks to be the C8 Corvette, its chassis, suspension, and engine. The images were quickly deleted, but not before forum member Firebirdfan was able to take a screenshot. Once it's on the internet, its always on the internet.


Firebirdfan points out the car has rear coil springs and many components that look to be an evolution of parts currently being used on the C7. It looks to have shorty style headers; you can see an engine oil cooler and a stout looking subframe. It has been reported that the car will use an LT1 engine which is consistent with the drawing as well.

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