Rumors point to a huge change for one of Americas most iconic cars


Chevrolet could be preparing to take it's flagship sports car, the Corvette, in an entirely new direction, populated mostly by hyper-exotic cars. According to Jalopnik, Chevy's plant in Tonawanda, New York is currently undergoing renovations that would  point towards the production of a new, mid-engine Corvette.

Nothing has been confirmed about the rumors; Chevrolet is understandably playing this close to the chest, but several factors add up to lend some credibility to the story. First, a batch of documents leaked to Corvette Forum, revealed the size production specifications of the upcoming C8's engine. According to the documents, which have since been removed, the new 'vette will be equipped with a twin-turbocharged V8. The article on the leaked files goes on to say,

"The current Corvette is listed as two distinct variants: the Y1BC and the Y2BC. The Y1 is the current C7 Corvette, and it's listed well into the future with 2021 as the last year of motor production. So it looks like the C7 will live at least another three years, but there is no word on a replacement front-engine platform in this document.

Moving to the Y2, or the mid-engine car, it seems like there will be a big split between the three motors. IHS Markit has the 6.2L being the main choice for the car with an average of 14,000 yearly units from 2019 to 2021, with the production of that V8 dropping a bit after that."

Rumors are also pointing to a new sport-variant of the Cadillac, which would do well to distinguish Chevrolet's luxury brand in the market.

Representatives from Chevy still haven't replied to requests for a comment from Jalopnik.