Danica Patrick wants you to know she doesn’t think much of this man made day WIBC Twitter

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s the day in which lovers get together to proclaim their devotion to each other. When people (mostly men) flock to flower shops because they can’t think of anything else to buy their beloved. When lonely souls wonder why they don’t have someone who can be their Valentine.

Danica Patrick is not a fan.

The soon-to-be former NASCAR and IndyCar driver took to Instagram to throw some shade at Valentine’s Day, while doing what she does best — offering words of encouragement.

Happy Valentine?s Day!

Such a lovely, man made day to either feel amazing or horrible?, right?! It started back in 496 with the romans celebrating the feast of Lupercalia, marking their official start to springtime…..well that?s what google says.

Our relationships are a reflection of ourselves. It is important to recognize that we are enough just as we are. Not prettier, cooler, funnier, smarter, skinnier, taller, shorter….just as we are. When we do, we attract someone that sees us just the same. Fully. Perfectly imperfect. That reflection is the most amazing thing, and I call it true love. ? Have a great day, love yourself so you know how to love others!

Her racing career may be winding down, but her philosophy career is just getting started.

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