Car catches on fire during Toyota 86 race in New South Wales

Wild finish results in a 10-car wreck and a car catching fire


A bit of an exciting finish to a weekend race in New South Wales, Australia.

One lap left in the Toyota 86 Racing Series at the Newcastle Street Circuit race when a multi-car pileup happened on the restart. No big surprise there as wrecks often happen on a restart, especially so close to the finish. But this one had a bit more flare.

Zach Loscialpo was driving the #21 when he hit Liam McAdam coming out of a turn, reports The chain reaction caught up at least ten other cars. Loscialpo managed to get some speed again, but check out the video. You start to see fire shoot from underneath his car.


Give him credit. Loscialpo kept his focus until he crossed the finish line, but then quickly jumps out as flames engulf the car. None of the drivers were seriously injured.