This young woman is the future of NASCAR Hailie Deegan /Facebook:

Back up, boys. You don’t run the track anymore.

One of the most exciting aspects of NASCAR’s Next Class has to be the inclusion of 15-year-old Hailie Deegan. The daughter of X-Games legend Brian Deegan, Hailie is dedicated to using her impressive racing pedigree to becoming unstoppable on the track. At a recent press event celebrating the Next Class, Hailie said, “I?d love to be a seven-time champion.”

Hell yeah.

Hailie is the single female out of the group of nine racers who were chosen for the 2017-2018 NASCAR Next class, and her success could help to modernize a male-dominated sport. Hailie is aware of her landmark status. “Jimmie Johnson came from the same sort of racing I did,? Hailie said. ?The only difference is that I?m a girl.?

Here’s to hoping Hailie has a long career at the front of the pack, encouraging other young women to get involved in the sport, shifting the demographics of the drivers.

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