This incredible save would shake even the hardest racers to their core

So your parents were actually right when they said that sometimes winning isn't everything. Sometimes you lose a competition, but only because you've done something so badass it's almost incomprehensible.

That's exactly what happened to Gustavo Yacaman in the prototype IMSA car at the Sahlen's Six Hours of Glen race last weekend. Yacaman found himself in the unenviable position of almost losing control, turning 90 degrees towards a field and eventual wall at speed. But Yacaman, presumably because he eats carbon fiber and steel every morning, corrected and rejoined the race.

That's not to say that he thinks his save was any less incredible though.

A little poop emoji coming out is pretty understandable.

Unfortunately for Yacaman, the incident cost him his chance at finishing first in the race, but he did walk away with some of the coolest helmet cam footage of anyone in the business.

Yacaman finished third in class, which is still very, very impressive.

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