The week in NASCAR: Here's what our have readers say

Can anyone remember a week in which there was so much news in NASCAR? Danica Patrick leaves Stewart-Haas Racing. Richard Petty and Smithfield Foods engage in a wars of words.  NASCAR TV ratings get more bad news.

We know readers can't read all the comments. Here are just a few, and warning: NASCAR fans don't pull punches, so some of the language is rather salty.

On Danica Patrick leaving SHR:

Gladys Lambert I am so sorry to see her leave. I wish her only the best on the future. NASCAR is losing some great people. Won't watch it much after this season is over.

Ronnie Swanger Goodbye Danica...Goodluck on your next adventure.I for one always hoped you succeed in Nascar.It's kinda sad that nothing was said about the drivers that finished behind you.

Mark Pflager Don't understand why this is such a big loss to NASCAR. There were way more qualified drivers without rides than her. She was in NASCAR for one reason only. To try and boost the saging ratings that have plagued NASCAR for over a decade.


On Smithfield Foods leaving Richard Petty Motorsports

(RPM says it had a handshake deal with the sponsorship deal to continue; Smithfield disputes this)

Tim Garside NASCAR is falling apart anyway. The fans are not interested in the corporate protection and the way the rules have manipulated the cars performance and the outcome of the finishes. The results are terrible tv ratings, empty stands, and sponsors that are pulling their money from the sport. Next we will have all of the old school drivers retiring so teams can bring in younger talent for 1/2 the money so they can afford to run a small team. Eventually that won't sustain things and more teams will fold up until NASCAR becomes the F1 of motor sports and folds up completely. The end is coming and it's sad!

Bill Hughes My daddy instilled in me that the most valuable thing you'll ever have is your word and that your handshake is your bond.

Brian Feeney There's no honor anymore Richard. These people today need a flock of lawyers to blow their noses and wipe their asses. A hand shake is not good enough theses days.

On Smithfield firing back and calling Richard Petty a liar

Kevin Utsman My family has (known) Richard for many years and one thing he does not do is lie .. I will never buy another product with Smithfield on it again.

Cathy Dice Carr I would tend to believe Richard before a big corporation trying to save face. I just hope Almirola doesn't regret leaving.

The Alt-Driver analysis on NASCAR imploding before out eyes

Rick Nadolski According to some of the NASCAR elite and sponsors we are just too stupid to watch and they don't need our dollars anyway. Sorry boys but Indycar racing is much more exciting and they don't care who anyone voted for.

Cecil Snyder I think it's time for the owners and drivers to form their own racing circuit the France family has ran NASCAR long enough Brian France is the biggest joke for running a company ever.

Brian Arnold To many bull shit fines, cautions for nothing, to many laps run under yellow, Ambulances!!!!. Need i go on. You all are killing a great sport. Stop all the politics

On the continued, terrible NASCAR TV ratings:

Anthony Watson Put the races back on regular channels, might help. Not everyone has 200 bucks a month to give comcast..

Gaye Craft Lemen Get rid of the negative kyle Petty , I watch the race but turn down the sound so not to here kyle petty talk over the others and always with so much negativity.. I hope Jimmie Johnson wins again then shove the trophy in petty' face.. but he won't do that because he has class as to where Petty don't. # shutuppett