Controversial star is working out a deal with NASCAR

Stephen Nasse is one of the most polarizing young drivers in racing, and he could be close to inking a deal to race some in the Camping World Truck Series.

The 22-year-old Southern Super Series champion will likely either appear in a race this season or sometime early in 2018 according to AutoWeek.

"There are some things we're looking at with a team," Nasse said. "We haven't made any deals yet. It's something my dad wants to do at some point, and obviously, as a driver I want to prove that I can do it, too. So we're going to test the waters. We're going to get on a bigger track. That's what I'm looking forward to ... the speed and stuff because we've about topped out in a Late Model.

"I don't want to say too much yet because we haven't wrapped anything up. You might see us at Phoenix. I just don't know yet."

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Nasse infamously crashed into William Byron intentionally during a caution at the Snowball Derby in December to retaliate for something that happened earlier in the race. He's been known to call out other drivers on Twitter, and he prides himself in being authentic--like Kyle Busch.

When news broke that he was exploring joining the Truck Series on a limited basis, he had some fun with the announcement on Twitter.

"I think NASCAR is coming along well with some of their recent decisions," Nasse said. "You see it with Monster coming in and the attitude drivers are starting to have. I think a lot of it is show and I think traditional NASCAR fans are looking for someone more authentic.

"I think they want that kind of guy, and some folks say I'm it. I think I can drive better than a lot of those guys and I've done it in SLMs."

Nasse isn't lacking in confidence, and he'll be fun to watch if he gets a chance to race in the Truck Series.

(h/t AutoWeek)