Kyle Busch by Matt Sullivan Getty Images

A reporter is forced to backpedal after being called out by Kyle Busch


Kyle Busch is running in the 50th annual Snowball Derby at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida. The race is one last chance to see some stock car action before the end of the year and it is usually a good time all around. Someone just had to stir up some drama, though.

Autoweek editor Matt Weaver reported that Kyle Busch refused to sign a helmet that every other driver signed. Busch doesn't have a particularly warm and fuzzy reputation with fans, but Weaver's mentions were immediately filled with doubters. Fans noted Busch is often very good about signing autographs despite his reputation, and Busch himself got wind of the budding controversy.

Busch refuted the claim and said that he was never asked to sign the helmet at all. He also called out Weaver's reporting. Weaver did the right thing, however, and retracted his earlier claim.

In today's fast paced news world, a story is often reported before additional sources can confirm it. Weaver got burned this time, but he made it right and will likely have some words with his "Source."


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