Sleeper Silverado and Modified SVT Lighting renew the Chevy vs Ford rivalry


Long before Ford made the Raptor pickup to compete against basically no one, they made another specialty pickup to compete with, again, pretty much no other factory pickup. That would be the Ford F-150 SVT Lighting. The 2nd generation was a seriously fast truck for its time, packing 380 horsepower and 450ft-lbs of torque from a roots supercharged 5.4 Triton v8. Naturally, everyone modified these trucks with bigger blowers, more boost, exhaust, big ice tanks in the bed and slicks.

It's lonely at the top and it never lasts forever. Once the LS engine made its way into the Silverado, the pickup game changed forever. Chevy guys now had a way to compete with the Lighting even if GM didn't plan it out that way.

In this video, we see what happens when you boost an all-wheel drive Silverado.  This particular Silverado does not look the part at all. It's fully equipped with dents, scratches and generally looks like a work truck.  The Lighting, on the other hand, looks like a full on drag truck with slicks, ice tank, huge blower and street prep work fit for only the most serious street racers. These guys deserve their own show on Discovery Channel for all that work. The Lighting has 700 horsepower according to the video posted on the YouTube Channel Salinas Photography.


If the sleeper title didn't already give it up, you can probably guess what happens here. Enjoy and let the Ford vs Chevy battle continue.

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