Shifter Kart drag racing is harder than you’d think Cleetus McFarland/Youtube

Shifter Karts are at the pinnacle of go kart racing and are a lot harder to drive than you might think. These particular karts max out around 90 mph. You can tell just by the intro to this video that these guys are not here to work on their technique and shave time off of their laps, though. They are here for a good old fashioned drag race.

The hardest part of any drag race is the launch, but in a shifter kart it is even more difficult because the extremely tall first gear and a low torque engine make it very easy to burn up the clutch by letting it out too slow or get bogged down letting it out too fast.

While they never really got launching quite figured out, they settled on a rolling start and the dark green Kart pulled away again. Another example of the fun that comes from using machines in a way they weren’t intended to be used.

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