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After three years in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, Precision Performance Motorsports is calling it quits and exiting the sport.

PPM ran 16 Xfinity races during the three-year span from 2015-17, but as the sport has changed so has the direction of the team.

Team owner Richard Gdovic told he is switching the direction of the team to align with his son Brandon’s interests in Sports Cars. He said Brandon presented a deal to him that makes more sense financially.

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“We have shut down the XFINITY program and have sold about half of our cars and related parts and equipment to date,” Gdovic said. “We enjoyed our time in NASCAR, he (Brandon) has presented me with a business plan for Sports Cars that makes more sense financially and also supports his passion for sports cars and representing Lamborghini.”

The team had initially planned to run all 33 Xfinity races last season with Gdovic behind the wheel. But plans changed and they ended up only running 10 races after failing to qualify at Kentucky and Homestead.

One key factor that led to the decision is the dependence upon sponsorship to be able to run in NASCAR.

“I don’t think people realize from the outside looking in the ongoing challenging model it is because there’s not enough money that you’re going to win that’s going to offset your cost to race, especially if you’re trying to win,” Gdovic said. “It looks good when the payout is $100,000 to win, but the amount of money you have to spend and infrastructure to win that amount of money makes for a tough model if you don’t have significant outside sponsors.”


Making the move just made sense for the team according to Gdovic as he’s set to focus on the career of his son. He also shared that he has no desire to return to any of the top three series of NASCAR.

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