In a pink blur, thanks to her helmet and racing stripes, Pippa Mann throttled her car to reach 230.103 mph, making her the fastest woman to ever circle Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That’s pretty damn cool for someone who just crossed the threshold into her early 30s; time to reevaluate some life goals.

The Speedway’s Fast Friday provided Mann’s car the extra boost it needed to carry her to record-breaking status. Fast Friday earned its name for the performance boost it allows teams to give their cars during the last laps of qualifying. The rules allow for at least an extra 30 horsepower before the official racing begins.

The Indianapolis 500 will undoubtedly be exciting this year, because even at 230 mph, Mann won’t be starting higher than the tenth row. Scott Dixon will start from the pole after averaging 232.164 mph. Also, even though he wasn’t as fast as Dixon, nor did he break any records like Mann, F1’s Fernando Alonso is the man who most eyes will be on. He will start in 5th place.

This Sunday is going to have a lot of people glued to their seats.

H/T Stef Schrader

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Pippa Mann broke an Indianapolis speed record @PippaMann /Twitter:
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