Our hearts are with NASCAR legends, who have suffered an awful loss

The morning of July 12th, the Waltrip brothers suffered a terrible loss when their mother, Margaret Waltrip, passed away in her home.

A message from Darrell and Michael was posted on Facebook:

"This morning our mom passed away. She laid peacefully in her bed with family by her side. Momma loved her bed and her house. It was just where she wanted to be. The love Mom was surrounded with was incredible. Not just that of the family but from her nurses, sitters and the wonderful ladies from Hospice. There are so many kind people in this world. I'm thankful for all of them.

Our family was blessed to be able to be with mom in the past couple of days. We were all able [to] tell her we love her and she would smile and mouth 'Love you, too.' Knowing we were saying goodbye and Mom knowing we were there by her side made her passing as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for all your prayers. When details of the memorial are finalized, we will make them public."

Darrell Waltrip, the eldest son of Margaret Waltrip, won three NASCAR championships and was named one of NASCAR's 50 greatest drivers in history in 1998. He currently does color commentary for NASCAR races on Fox sports.

Michael Waltrip, the youngest son, won the Daytona 500 twice and is currently a pre-race analyst and commentator for various series on Fox sports.

The brothers lost another member of their family, their middle brother Bobby, in 2014.

Our thoughts are with the Waltrip family as they go through these hard times.