One of NASCAR's most popular figures wasn't insulted at Vegas, and fans can breathe easy


The NASCAR Awards in Las Vegas were full of amazing moments, celebrating the amazing people involved with the sport.

But some people weren't too pleased when they felt one of the sport's most popular people had been disrespected.

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Fans thought NASCAR had insulted Sherry Pollex, life-partner of Martin Truex Jr., by not giving her a gift as the significant other of the champion.


It's customary that when a champion receives his ring, their significant other receives a bracelet. The fans thought Pollex had been snubbed, only to find out, she actually received a diamond necklace.

Pollex shared the significance of the necklace on Twitter. She said the necklace has 36 diamonds in the outer ring that represent the 36 tracks, 16 stones on the inner circle to represent the championship drivers, and one diamond in the center to represent the champion.

The fans were singing a different tune after Pollex shared the "beautiful neckalce" on social media.

It sure is a good thing all the fans can rest easy, now that they know NASCAR didn't snub Pollex. All is well!