One NASCAR driver takes to Twitter seeking to borrow a lot of money


It was announced yesterday that Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson would be putting the team up for sale after allegations of inappropriate behavior have surfaced.

Immediately after the news broke of the impending sale of the team, many people expressed interest, whether it be jokingly or in all seriousness.

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NASCAR driver Brad Keselowski took to Twitter asking for a $2 billion loan in response to a tweet from the Carolina Panthers.


Keselowski is a Michigan native but now lives in Mooresville, NC along with nearly the entire NASCAR field. Mooresville is located about 30 miles north of Chalotte, so based on location it would make sense. But, from a driver with an estimated net worth of $15 million, it definitely doesn't look feasible from a financial standpoint. That is unless he can get Team Penske owner Roger Penske on-board as many fans eluded to.

Penske has an estimated net worth just shy of $2 billion. But what if a group of NASCAR drivers pooled their resources together to make NASCAR's hometown team, NASCAR owned. Now that would be pretty epic!