Newly elected Governor became the coolest politician ever with a racing first


I'ts not very often we hear of anyone in politics that's even remotely cool enough to be a part of the racing scene. We normally just think of politicians as people who get driven around in Lincolns while they make important phone calls. The people of Vermont, on the other hand, know something different. Their once State Senator not only won the race for Governor this year, but Phil Scott also celebrated his 30th late model win at Thunder Road in Barre, Vermont. Thunder Road is the highest level of short-track racing in Northeast with racers hitting speeds of 75 mph and completing a paved 1/4 mile lap in 13 seconds.

Scott is no stranger to cars or politics as the former Senator and Lieutenant Governor has been doing both his entire adult life. He holds the record for the most wins at Thunder Road including multiple Championships in the late 90s early 2000s. He participated in the British Stock car association Formula One Championship in 2005 and, at age 59, he doesn't show any signs of slowing down.

Being a stock car racer surely means he's a gearhead begging the question, what does the Governor's Mansion garage look like now?

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