There are some entertaining -- and possibly NSFW -- ways NASCAR can improve its TV ratings

NASCAR's TV ratings haven't been exactly promising, and it could get worse after Dale Earnhardt Jr. retires.

Forbes columnist Dave Caldwell presented 10 different ways the sport can increase viewership, and some of the changes could take place in the near future.

The first recommendation from Caldwell is to shorten the season to 24-30 races. This is probably the most common solution, though shortening the season will lead to less revenue. But July and August aren't exactly premier months for sports viewership, and having the NASCAR postseason during a time when football isn't on could help spark interest.

Caldwell also suggested that whoever wins the most races throughout the year should win the championship. He said five of the last 10 champions won the most races during the year.

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Other suggestions included more road-course races, more dirt racing, rally racing on closed public roads, heat racing, and reviving the race on Daytona Beach.

He said relaxing the rules and getting rid of restrictor plate racing at tracks like Daytona and Talladega would also help bring more fans in because they want to see cars go faster.

The last suggestion from Caldwell might actually be the most entertaining. He said whoever is broadcasting the race should have open microphones on drivers and pit crews. They would have to run a parental advisory since some of the language probably wouldn't be appropriate for TV, but it would certainly be entertaining.

NASCAR officials are likely looking into some options to increase viewership, and it's possible they make a few changes before the 2018 season.

(h/t Forbes)