Tony Stewart has some fun and schools a teenage racer


There's a reason Tony Stewart is a fan favorite. The NASCAR champ knows how to make connections and have some fun, whether it's at the track or the virtual track.

A video posted on YouTube shows Stewart online dirt track racing against other online drivers including one skeptical teenager who wasn't sure if it was the real Tony Stewart racing.

"Tony, is that actually you," the kid asks.


"Yes, it's Tony," was the quick reply.

To which the kid responded, "Well that's pretty cool."

And in typical Stewart fashion, this next line.

"It is cool. Don't jump the start again, kid."


You can then hear laughter from other online drivers, clearly amused at the exchange.

"Well I've never really actually talked to you," the kid says, his voice squeaking.

"You jump the start like that again, it'll be the last time you talk to me," was Stewart's reply.

And then as the kids tries to explain what he was doing, Stewart had this advice.


"There's not one guy that's ever won a race on the first lap of a fifty-lap race," said Stewart.