Ryan Blaney cut his hair and social media explodes Jonathan Ferry/Getty Images
Ryan Blaney by Jonathan Ferry Getty Images

In a series of tweets, it was done. Ryan Blaney once again showed his mastery of social media by posting before, during, and after pictures of his long locks going bye-bye.

That before picture was re-tweeted over 200 times, with nearly 400 people commenting. Then came this.

One of those watching this unfold was Dale Earnhardt, Jr., who aptly described the anticipation of the haircut with one picture.

Blaney has been threatening to cut his hair for months. He started growing it out at the start of the 2017 NASCAR season and thought he’d be told sooner rather than later to get it cut. But he never was. The story of his hair seemed to take on a life of its own. Fans were expecting this day and Blaney, true to form, didn’t disappoint.

The next tweet was the big reveal. I have to say, he doesn’t look a whole lot different since he decided to not go all the way and lose the mustache as well, although he says that is coming off Sunday.

If the stache is coming of Sunday, we have one more day of anticipation.

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