Radio scanner catches several drivers who lost their tempers at Watkins Glen

The NASCAR regular season is winding down, but many Cup Series drivers are wound up as the playoffs inch closer.

Last Sunday's race at Watkins Glen came down to the wire, and ultimately Martin Truex Jr.'s strategy to slow down and save fuel paid off. As for the other drivers, well, let's just say the tempers were flaring, and the radio scanner captured several hilarious and candid moments.

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Ryan Blaney was frustrated with Jimmie Johnson for some reason, and he said he was getting "pretty sick" of Johnson's 48 car.

"Getting pretty sick of the 48," Blaney said. "About had it."

The most contentious moment of the race occurred after an incident between Kyle Busch and Brad Keselowski. Keselowski's spotter, Joey Meier, said earlier in the race how impressed he was with the speed of Busch's car.

'The 18 is just passing cars whenever he wants to," Meier said. "It's kind of impressive to watch on TV."

Later in the race, Keselowski's car made contact with Busch's car, and the two were spun out off of the track. They were able to stay in the race, but Busch was clearly displeased.

"Y'all better keep me away from that (expletive) after this race," Busch said. "I will kill that (expletive)."

Later, when Busch crew chief Adam Stevens began discussing strategy, Busch indicated that Keselowski ruined their strategy.

"Just (expletive) admit it, dude," Busch said. "We don't have a plan because our plan got ruined."

Busch made contact with Danica Patrick's car later in the race, and she unleashed an expletive-filled tirade directed at him.

"Now I know why people hate him," Patrick said.

Busch finished seventh in the race, while Keselowski finished 15th and Patrick finished 22nd. Martin Truex Jr. won his fourth race of the season.