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YouTube: NBC Sports

Life as a NASCAR driver can get stressful. These guys are traveling to a different place each weekend to prove their talent, hoping to come away with something like the big cash prize from the All-Star Race or maybe even a shot at the NASCAR Cup Series Championship. With all the adrenaline and competitiveness in the air during the motorsports events, someone’s bound to try and stir the pot, if anything but to lighten the mood a little bit.

Back in 2018, Dale Earnhardt Jr took some time to talk to NBC Sports about some of the funniest pranks to happen during his racing career. Racers often pull pranks on each other, but it’s the creativity that really gets you points from Dale. Some were pretty clever, and others were downright bold. In the below clip from the Dale Jr. Download podcast, Junior dishes on some of the more hilarious NASCAR pranks.

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He opens up the conversation by remembering the time Jimmie Johnson pranked Cole Pearn and Martin Truex Jr. Pearn knew Johnson had road bikes, and he asked him to buy the whole team bikes to make up for the crash in Charlotte. Without hesitation, Johnson bought tons of new bikes, but not the kind you might think of. He loaded their car hauler with pink kids bikes and had it all set up for the team to witness in the morning. Funny stuff!

Another prank that Junior talks about is when Richard Petty’s crew chief, Dale Inman was the target. They were at a NASCAR race in North Wilkesboro, when Chocolate Myers bungie-corded a port-o-potty closed while Inman was inside. Inman didn’t exactly take it so well. In fact, he was actually really angry to the point where he wanted to hurt Myers. He claims that Myers had to keep his distance from Inman for about a month before he got over it!

You may have even seen another video that became pretty popular, which featured Jeff Gordon in the Pepsi Max commercial, where he took a driving instructor on a wild ride in his Camaro. He disguised himself as a clueless individual who was unable to drive, before taking off at full speed and scaring the instructor so much he turned pale. It truly was a hilarious moment and, luckily for us, the whole thing was caught on camera.


NASCAR is filled with drivers that find it hilarious to pull off a good prank. Whether you’re talking about Kyle Busch, Alex Bowman, Kevin Harvick, Tony Stewart, or Clint Bowyer, they’ve all played their fair share of pranks. If they’re good enough, the pranks might even be highlighted on Fox Sports.


While some drivers may take it a bit personal, it brings some humor into a tense racing industry. These pranks that Junior recalled are absolute classics!

This post was originally published on August 3, 2020.

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