Martin Truex Jr., Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Brad Keselowski will compete on Sunday for the NASCAR Cup Series championship, and the four have an opportunity to build on their legacies at Homestead.

The Championship 4 appeared on CNBC to discuss the business side of the sport, and host Brian Sullivan asked them about a variety of topics including their financial winnings and expectations entering the race.

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Busch said winning a championship changes everything for a driver — from how they’re viewed across the sport and from fans.

Keselowski said winning a championship in any sport — but especially NASCAR — ensures that a driver will be financially secure even after they retire from racing. He made the point that drivers and athletes can’t compete forever, so winning a title provides them with financial stability for the rest of their careers.

Harvick said experience plays a factor, and while younger drivers have found some success this season, he feels like he has somewhat of an advantage over some of the younger competition because he’s raced for so long and knows what to expect.

Truex, who is likely the favorite and has the most wins this season with seven, said he ran into some bad luck last season and has found success just staying the course.

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As far as sponsorship is concerned, Truex said a championship would certainly help him maintain his relationships over the next few years.

Harvick, who has Jimmy John’s as one of his sponsors, said he was able to secure that sponsorship long term because he won the title in 2014. Jimmy Liautaud told Harvick he agreed to sponsor his car because he wants to see him race for a championship at Homestead.

Keselowski said it costs about $1 million a race to put a car on the track, so sponsorships play a huge role. Winning a championship will certainly help solidify sponsorships for these drivers moving forward, and Sunday’s race will have many major implications for these four drivers.

Here’s what it means, financially, to win the NASCAR Cup Series championship Sean Gardner/Getty Images
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