Dale Jr. has a message for fans worried he'll disappear from NASCAR


Quick! A show of hands for who out there thought Dale Earnhardt, Jr. would dial it back in retirement.

He may have left the #88, but Earnhardt made it pretty clear he's still going to be around the track.

"We'll be at the racetrack a little bit next year with our XFINITY stuff and run a couple of races and be able to say hey to everybody when we come back and do that," Earnhardt, Jr. said in a Hendrick Motorsport press release. "And obviously we're going to be in the broadcast booth. So, we'll be around."

In addition to his gig covering NASCAR topics with NBC Sports, Earnhardt, Jr. will take a much more involved approach with his team JR Motorsports. Hendrick Motorsports owner Rick Hendrick says no one should be surprised.


"The one thing I know for sure is that Dale is always going to be Dale," Hendrick said. "He's still going to be very visible - maybe even more visible after going to TV."

Earnhardt, Jr. knows he's still got a large, loyal following with NASCAR fans, and wants to assure them he's not going anywhere.

"I hope all the fans enjoyed this season," Earnhardt, Jr. said. "I know it wasn't everything we wanted on the racetrack, but we just had fun off of it. I'm going to miss everybody, but we'll be back."