Move over boys, this girl gets her manual Nissan 240 to a new personal best


You know you can drive when you enter a 10.0 index bracket race with a manual transmission and still almost pull off a win. To this girl, it's just another day at the office with her turbo 2jz swapped Nissan 240 that's pushing 650 horsepower.

In the video she explains this rowdy Nissan just received a totally new suspension and six-speed transmission. She takes full advantage of Test&Tune to learn the ins and outs of the new trans. She then gets to work in round 1, taking out a Mustang and running 10.2 @138 mph.  If that time isn't crazy enough, she's hitting a 1.24 60 foot with a stick!

She breaks out on her next run against another Mustang, but runs her personal best of a 9.9 @140 mph and seems thrilled to see that first 9 second time slip.

This car looks pretty dialed in and ready to win next event. Just one thing, please attach the front mount intercooler to the car. The thing looks like its about to rip off and launch itself straight up in the air.

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