Here are the weirdest things you can buy at a racing team's going out of business sale


What happens when a race team goes under? They sell all their stuff, of course. Think of it as an estate sale, except, instead of old sports coats and a tube TV, this sale features helmets and race cars.

When SpeedSource Race Engineering team owner Sylvain Tremblay decided to shutter the outfit, he no longer had a need for a lot of stuff. His loss is our gain, as reports that an auction will take place in Florida on December 19th with some awesome stuff crossing the block.

Key Auctioneers divides everything up into categories: Race Cars and Equipment, Machine Shop Equipment, and Hospitality and Memorabilia.

You might be amazed at some of the stuff you will find scrolling through the listing. Racing helmets, pit crew clothes, TVs, lap tops, pit signs, boxes full of spare parts, whole engines... EVERYTHING is for sale. Just browsing through, here are some of our favorites:


We left out all the tools and racing gear we are drooling over because it's the weirder stuff that is really catching our eyes.

Like this radar gun!

Who wouldn't want their own radar gun?


Or this LED countdown clock!

Everyone needs an easy to read timer in the home. Never burn dinner again or remind the kids that their iPad time is almost up in the most obnoxious way possible!

Then we get to the real good stuff, like this simulator rig:


Train like the pros do with that awesome set up for a few hours and then you will be ready for the crown jewels of the auction:

The cars.


Yes, you can straight up buy these race cars along with boxes and buckets of spare parts. Just remember that the engines are auctioned separately. So don't spend your whole budget on the chassis. That would just be embarrassing.

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