Legendary self-funded racer, collector, and swap shop owner dies at 86 @MarshallPruitt / Twitter

Preston Henn has died of natural causes at 86 years old, according to Racer.

As a driver, Preston Henn co-drove a Porsche 935 with A.J. Foyt and two others to a victory at Daytona in 1983. He won there again in 1985 as an owner. As an eccentric millionaire, he had a vast collection of cars, ran a movie theater/flea market empire, and openly feuded with Ferrari.

He was most recently in the news for having a major case of sour grapes over being denied a Ferrari LaFerrari. Henn bought an Acura NSX instead and proclaimed it to be better than the Ferrari. While his temper and pettiness were rumored to be a bit much, the racing world will miss such a colorful character.

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