LAPD caught an unbelievable amount of people in this one street racing bust


Street racing can be tempting, especially when you're sitting tall in a modded-up car, just itching to let go of it's grip on the road for a moment and tear down the street. But illegal street racing is incredibly dangerous for everyone involved, and even those who aren't, which is why the Los Angeles Police's intense arrest crackdown last Thursday is so understandable.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department detained seven drivers, towing their cars, and issued citations to 102 spectators, 17 of which were under 18, so, you know, shout out to those old "it's 9:00 p.m., do you know where you're children are?" ads.

The showdown went down at an industrial complex in Castaic, California, near Witherspoon and Avenue Penn. The Sheriff's Department wasn't just trying to be a buzzkill, they harped pretty heavily on the safety hazards of street racing:

"Street racing is extremely dangerous, both to participants and onlookers, with death or serious injury a frequent and unfortunate consequence. There are numerous locations and facilities where this hobby can be legally pursued and not place bystanders in peril."

Keep it to the track, y'all.


H/T: Chris Tsui

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