A racing 'Star of the future' is staying put and won't go to a new team

Formula 1's rising star Lando Norris won't be making the jump to the majors, at least not yet.

The 17-year-old has dominated the F3 circuit in 2017, placing 1st or 2nd in 12 races so far. That kind of success brings speculation that Norris might be ready for the jump to Formula 1.

Norris's team,  McLaren Racing, is taking the slow and steady approach with its young star. Executive Director Zak Brown tells Motorsports.com that McLaren is not considering loaning him out to any other F1 racing team.

"Our current plan is to put him in Formula 2. I certainly think he's fast enough to be in Formula 1, but you also need to make sure not to rush things and give him enough experience. He's definitely our star of the future and I don't think we'd put him in another Formula 1 team at this point," says Brown.

That's the official line, for now. Tough to keep your prime star playing in the minors when many think he's better than several A list drivers. McLaren Racing has shown in the past, though, that they're willing to be patient.