Kyle Larson says his 2-year-old son learned an NSFW word from a NASCAR legend


Tony Stewart has never been know n to be on his best behavior, so when it came out that he taught Kyle Larson son a four-lettered expletive, people weren't the least bit surprised.

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In a recent Twitter post by NASCAR on NBC, Larson shared the story on stage with some fellow drivers, of how Stewart taught his son Owen the new word.

Larson said, Stewart was holding Owen on his chest as he was falling asleep, then Stewart began whispering the word into Owen's ear for what must've been 20 minutes. Somehow it must have resonate with the child, because Larson noticed him saying it from time-to-time. The longer version of Larson's can be heard below.


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Now that Owen has extended his vocabulary by at least one word, when he hears his dad say it, he gets on him and tells him to say "shoot" instead.

But all bets are off when Stewart comes around.

Here's that longer version.