Kyle Busch haters lose their minds after his huge week of wins

Kyle Busch hears you -- and he doesn't care.

After his win at Bristol on Saturday night, he was serenaded with a mix of cheers and boos, and a smiling Busch had the most typical Kyle Busch response to the noise -- bring it on because I don't care.

Then, in his press conference afterwards, he was pumped when telling the story about a fan who gave him the finger:

There was this guy who was at one of my hospitality appearances today and he kept giving me the bird the whole time and I was like, 'Yeah, I know I'm number one, I've been number one the past two nights.' So then he gave me two and then I was like, 'Well, you know what, all you're doing is solidifying what I already know.' It's pretty awesome to be able t o go out there, and I'm sure they're still booing, whining and crying all the way home tonight, so they're driving home mad, so people be careful.

All of this caused Busch haters to lose their mind on social media.