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Kyle Busch has received plenty of backlash for his recent comments about NASCAR promoting younger drivers, but one columnist just provided the most scathing takedown of Busch.

Jenna Fryer, an Associated Press’ national sports writer who focuses on NASCAR and IndyCar, penned a column about the entitled generation of NASCAR drivers, and she singled out Busch as a primary example of that generation.

Fryer said while Busch’s complaint has some validity to it, it probably didn’t sit well with NASCAR executives.

“Why? Because Busch is part of a generation of drivers that grew far too entitled to remember how the sport grew to its current heights,” Fryer wrote.

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“The drivers in the Hall of Fame right now used to sit in chairs outside their haulers chatting with anyone who stopped,” she continued. “They leaned against stacks of tires to talk business, they killed time hanging out with NASCAR’s competition officials in the at-track office.

“Then came the private planes and motorhomes and golf carts. Drivers now ride carts out of the gated motorhome lot at Charlotte Motor Speedway and through the fan zone to get to the grid. They don’t walk through the crowd and sign autographs. They go from Point A to Point B and don’t want anything impeding their trip.”

Fryer then pointed out how Ryan Blaney and other young drivers do a much better job engaging with fans. She even mentioned how Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso was engaging with fans while competing at the Rolex 24.

NASCAR promoting younger drivers might ruffle the feathers of Busch and some of the veteran drivers in the sport, but if he was more engaging and more willing to do promotional activities, it wouldn’t be an issue. He’s arguably the most talented driver in the Cup Series, but if someone like Blaney or Chase Elliott is more available, then that’s who NASCAR will promote.


The column is worth reading, and Fryer makes several excellent points about the entitlement of some NASCAR drivers.

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