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Kevin Harvick may be 44 years old, but the Stewart-Haas Racing driver still plans on putting all his immediate focus into his full-time racing career for the near future. That being said, the longtime NASCAR racer is not afraid to look a little bit ahead into the future and mull over his post-racing career options once retirement rears its head.

As the Bakersfield, California revealed during a segment on NASCAR on Fox’s “Pit Stop with Motte” back in 2018, he has quite the ambitious game plan going forward when it comes to his next chapter in NASCAR.

“Dear NASCAR, when I retire, I want to be in charge,” said Harvick, whose response was met with laughter from host Daryl Motte.

“To do what though?” host Daryl Motte said in a follow-up question.

“I want to run the whole thing,” Harvick responded.

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Now, obviously, Harvick is not in any serious talks to take over NASCAR’s reins anytime soon, but when asked by Motte if he had any “quick fixes” for NASCAR, he couldn’t help but flash a smirk before his response.

“We’d have a long list of things that would probably not make a lot of people happy,” he said.

As you can tell from the brief interview clip, this was just one of the more lighthearted exchanges regarding the current state of NASCAR, which has been in jeopardy for quite some time now.

While both drivers and fans alike can agree that there are plenty of NASCAR facets that need tweaking, Harvick appears to be predominantly poised to continue his victory lane appearances and rack up Cup race win after Cup race win.


This post was originally published on July 23, 2018.

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