NASCAR and racing suffer a blow as three of its top observers are reportedly forced out of their jobs


Most fans focus on the drivers of NASCAR, as they should. But the people who write about the news of NASCAR also play an important role, and today, NASCAR got bad news.

Three of the best in the business have reportedly lost their jobs.

Eddie Gossage, the President of Texas Motor Speedway, sent out a tweet that broke the news that K. Lee Davis of ESPN, and Holly Cain and Kenny Bruce of NASCAR. com have all lost their jobs.

Scott Cooper, the vice-president of communications at Charlotte Motor Speedway, also weighed in.



Davis confirmed he's been let go. Cain won  Bob Russo Founders Award for dedication to auto racing this year, and  Bruce is the three-time National Motorsports Press Association Writer of the Year and current president of the NMPA.

These three journalists have stellar reputations and fans weren't the only ones who noticed -- so have some big names in NASCAR.

Talent always finds a way of landing on its feet. Let's hope that happens here.