Nasty wreck hurts one driver after truck bursts into flames at Daytona



The first truck series race of the season was a wreck-filled mess, and Jennifer Jo Cobb was one of the victims. She took to Twitter to describe what happened, and in the process, praised NASCAR for its safety measures.

So now I can tell you what it feels like to hit a wall and burst into flames at 180+ mph! The way it worries family and friends is the worst part. I am ok. My arm hit something and swelled and bruised immediately so the delay in being released was for XRays. I have complete faith in NASCAR and the safety measures that just continue to improve. I haven't seen the wreck. I was hoping to dodge down pit road to miss Grant and it just seemed like my rear end started to fishtail which definitely isn't normal. More later

You can see in the video that she struggled a bit getting out of her truck, but luckily, she's OK.